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This webpage is designed to be a one-stop-shop of free, online games and activities to help students learn and practice important early literacy skills specified by the Renaissance STAR Early Literacy program! Most of the links below - when in - contain links to other games and activities, so students may need to be advised to use only the activities you specify from this webpage. Also, some may need guidance while using these awesome programs.
Please click here for the Renaissance Early Literacy Skills Definitions. 

SKILLS No. Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4
General Readiness
Differentiating Letters 1   Literacy Center Sky Riding  
Differentiating Words from Letters 2   Reading Roundup Word Magic ICT Games
Comparing Word Length (written) 3    
Differentiating Shapes 4 Krog's Shapes Loading Shapes Same or Different Kinderweb
Recognizing Position Words 5 Location of Objects PBS Stories
Pig and her house
Matching Numbers & Objects 6 Fishy Count

Big Sea Count
Count to 10

Thumble Dots
Count 11 to 20
with Mrs. Chong!
Caterpillar Count

Literacy Center
Differentiating Word Pairs 7     Sight Words Magic E Adventures
Use second portion
Completing sequences 8 What Comes Next? Color Sequence    
Identifying word boundaries
(Number of words in a sentence)
Graphophonemic Knowledge
Naming letters 10 ABC's with Sound & More Alphabet Practice Literacy Center Sounds Fun
Recognizing alphabetica sequence 11 ABC's with Sound & More Watermelon

Alphabet Bears
ABC Recognition Place the letters in order
Using alphabetical (word) order 12 Choose Alphabetical Order 1 Game Alphabetical Adventure Alphabetize  
Recognizing letter sounds 13
Loosey Goosey
Chicken Coop w/sound ABC Match

Beginning Sound
Matching uppercase and lowercase letters 14
Match baby letter to parent letter
Literacy Center Monkey Match  
Phonemic Awareness
Blending Word Parts 15
Syllable Split
Break it up My Reading Tools
Worth the extra time to follow along
Syllable Lesson

Blending phonemes 16
Blending Bowls
Fuzzy Lion Ears Letterella The Pig Waller

Comparing word length (oral) 17
    Popcorn Words
Discriminating beginning, medial and ending sounds 18 Clifford: Sound Match Picture Match
Beginning Letter Sounds
Identifying rhyming words 19
Reggie Loves to Rhyme
Professor Garfield
Meet The Gang
Loosey Goosey Rhymes Whirlyword Machine

Rhyming River
Identifying missing sounds 20
Fuzzy Lion Ears
Replacing beginning and ending consonants 21
Make A Word

Construct A Word
Wordblender Greenhouse Pumpkin Patch

The Word Wheels
Matching sounds within word families 22 Word Family Sort Deep Sea Phonics Clifford
Hay Loft

Pumpkin Patch
Identifying consonant blends 23 Cluster Buster Sadlier-Oxford Owl & Mouse

Ending Video
Word Search

Beginning Video
Substituting consonant sounds 24 Construct A Word   The Quiet Machine Hayloft
Identifying beginning consonant sounds 25 Clifford Letter Match Sound Match The Quiet Machine

Phonic Fighter
Garfield Fishing Phonics
Identifying consonant digraphs 26 ICT Games Sadlier Video-Scroll down and play Phonics Song
Identifying medial short vowels 27
Clifford Make A Word
Picture Match
Short Vowel Sounds
Word Family Sort  
Replacing vowels 28
Clifford Make A Word
    Drag n Spell
Identifying ending consonant sounds 29
Garfield Fishing Phonics
Identifying medial long vowels 30
Magic E Adventures

Clifford Long Vowel
Match of Mystery
Vowel Digraphs
or Vowel D&D
or VCE Pattern
Picture Match
Long Vowel Sounds
Drag & Spell
Matching and recognizing short vowel sounds 31 Chicken Stacker Match of Mystery
Short Vowel Sounds
Picture Match
Short Vowel Sounds
Matching and recognizing long vowel sounds 32
Long A sound

Snap It
Long Vowel Sounds Picture Match
Long Vowel Sounds
Match of Mystery
Long Vowel Sounds
Matching words and pictures 33 Choose:
 Picture Words
Crickweb 2
  Dinosaur Words
Word Reader
Recognizing antonyms 34 Choose:
Word Frog
Hopposites Game Goo
Tooth Taker 2
Recognizing synonyms 35 Choose:
Word Frog
Synonym Toast

Monkey Match
Choose last one
Synonym Sam's Lab Bitesize

Game Goo 
Tooth Taker
Structural Analysis
Finding words 36 Word Find  
Building words 37 Word Family Sort Word Wizard Puzzle Me Words  
Identifying compound words 38 SoftSchools Learning Games Drag N Drop Make a Compound Word
Reading and understanding words 39 My Reading Tools
Worth the extra time to follow along

Word O Rama
Picture Words

Around Your Home
Professor Garfield Toon Book Reader
Reading and completing sentences 40 Game Goo Sentences

Sentences 1
Spelling Connection
Choose a level
Sentence Building

Making Sentences
Sight Word Stories

Joining Words
Reading and understanding paragraphs 41  Professor Garfield
 Story Book Reader
Story Scramble Three Little Plays
PBS Stories

The Describing Game

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