Non-Public School Transportation Application

Transportation for Students Enrolled in Nonpublic Schools

Section 3635 of the Education Law requires all non-city districts to provide transportation for pupils enrolled in kindergarten through grades 8 who live more than two miles from the school they attend and for pupils enrolled in grades 9-12 who live more than three miles from the school they attend up to a distance of fifteen miles. In order to obtain transportation for your children, parents must file requests with the district in which they live by April 1st of the preceding school year or within 30 days of moving to the district. It is the responsibility of both public and nonpublic school administrators to make sure that parents are aware of these deadlines far enough in advance so that they can submit their requests on time.

Education Law requires school districts which are currently transporting pupils to a nonpublic school to designate one or more public schools as centralized pickup points for nonpublic school pupils who live beyond the 15-mile limit. The parent must arrange to get the pupil to and from the pickup point; the district then transports the pupil between that point and the nonpublic school. In order for the pickup point arrangement to be operative, the school district must currently be providing transportation to that nonpublic school for at least one pupil who lives within the prescribed mileage limits.

Non-Public School Application

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