Capital Improvement Project 2016

Capital Improvement Project 2016

The 2016 Capital Project is officially complete! Thank you for your support, patience, and cooperation as we made our school district healthier, safer, and more energy efficient. 

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At its March 24, 2016 Board of Education meeting, the Board passed a resolution to vote on a Capital Improvement Project for Galway Central Schools. Residents of the Galway Central School District will vote on the project on May 17, 2016.

The project will address the following categories:

  • Health, Safety, Accessibility
  • Infrastructure
  • Energy saving measures
  • Community Stakeholder Input

Click here to view pictures of GCSD buildings and grounds we hope to improve

"We had nice turnouts at our three Community Forums on October 1, November 3, and December 2," said Superintendent Shine. "We heard some good suggestions for improving educational space, allocating areas for storage, and fixing infrastructure."

Please see the attached files below to view the presentation from each community forum and minutes that reflect the questions and concerns that were brought up.

The information gathered from the community forums was shared with the Facilities Committee and the district’s architect and design firm, CSArch. This working group has been meeting every two weeks to discuss infrastructure and safety items that need attention.

“Our goal is to take care of what we have,” said Superintendent Shannon Shine. “Part of being fiscally responsible means taking care of the school buildings so that regular maintenance items don’t become costly problems down the road. We are also mindful of the future, so we are seeking more information than is probably necessary so we can present well-researched options to the Board.”

At the January 19, 2016 Facilities Committee meeting, CSArch presented a “wish list” of infrastructure and safety items along with rough cost estimates for the work. The Facilities Committee went through the proposal line-by-line to discuss the merits of each item as compared to its cost, ask questions, and begin the process of determining which items to keep and which ones to leave off.

The majority of items on the list attend to infrastructure needs of the facility, such as plumbing, flooring, roofing, air handling units, and fixtures. A smaller portion relates to athletics and the arts, while another segment addresses the safety of the bus loop on the Elementary side of the building.

“Reconstruction of the Elementary bus loop is a pivotal piece, because it will have to be done in conjunction with a couple of other items on the list,” said Galway School Business Official Tim Hilker.

Some items that were suggested at the community forums have been incorporated into the list, such as chemical storage in the science wing, replacement of the vacuum system in the wood shop, and irrigation of the athletic fields.

“We looked into every suggestion we received from the community forums, but when the architects came back to us with pricing, we found that implementing some of the ideas would be cost-prohibitive,” said Hilker. “The soccer field was going to be $1 million, so we took that off. Track lighting was going to be half a million dollars, and we couldn’t justify that. We also looked at a restroom facility at the softball field, which would have been $300,000, so we removed that too.”

The Facilities Committee originally planned to present a summary of the potential capital project to the Board of Education at its January 21st Board of Education meeting, but the group felt they needed more information before addressing the Board. They asked the architects to:

  1. Research and make recommendations about replacing or repairing some or all of the boilers and associated plumbing
  2. Research options to resurface the track in the most cost-effective and long-lasting way
  3. Research whether or not the underground steel fuel tank needs to be removed and replaced
  4. Provide a scope of work to be done on the roof, along with a reasonable estimate, knowing that thermal testing will ultimately be done prior to any work commencing
  5. Summarize the components of the potential capital project and identify the percentage of the budget that is allocated to each category (i.e. infrastructure, safely, athletics, arts, etc.)

The Facilities Committee provided the Board of Education with a summary at its February 11th Board work session. Please see two files from that meeting under "Related Files" below. 

The Board of Education heard a formal presentation about the potential capital improvement project at its February 25, 2016 Board of Education meeting. Please see the presentation given by CSArch and the district's construction management firm, Turner Construction Management, below under "Related Files." 

Residents had two additional opportunities to learn about the items included in the potential capital improvement prior to the Board resolution to vote on March 24, 2016. Residents were encouraged to attend presentations on March 1 and March 8, 2016 in the High School Auditorium.

First Community Forum Presentation • 10.1.15

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