Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the CHILD NUTRITION PROGRAM, sometimes referred to as School Lunch, Breakfast and Lunch Program, Cafeteria, or School Meals Program.

Q. How can I know what my child gets in the cafeteria?

A. The easiest way to know what your child eats or purchases in the cafeteria is for you to establish an online account with MySchoolBucks.

Q. What are the advantages of establishing an online account?

A. You can: 
1. Keep track of what meals, extra entrees, ice cream, beverages, and snacks your child purchases.
2. Establish a “Low Balance” threshold and be notified via email when the balance has reached that amount.
3. Access their account information 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
4. Pre-pay online to reduce the chance of lost money. 
5. On-line payment speeds up serving times to allow more time for students to enjoy their meal.
6. Online Pre-payment gives a bonus meal for each $30 deposited to an elementary student’s account and each $35 deposited to a Jr./Sr. HS student’s account (provided the account does not have a negative balance).

Q. Why was my child charged for a meal when he/she is eligible for FREE or REDUCED price meals?

A. It is possible for children to put items on their trays that are in addition to the regular meal. If your child requested an extra entrée or any food or beverage other than what is included in a regular meal, we must charge for those extra items. 

Q. Can my child be restricted from buying extras?

A. Yes. We suggest that you first discuss your purchasing expectations with your child. If you wish, you can contact us, and upon request, we will add a note to their account such as “No Extras Without Cash.” Since school meal service is fast paced, we cannot guarantee the cashier will catch every restriction note every time, but we will do our best to help you with this.

Q. What happens if I do not use the pre-payment option, and my student has no money for meals?

A. We will not allow a child to go without a meal when hungry regardless of requested restrictions (from parents). The child will be required to phone a parent to bring lunch or money right away. If we have no response from the parent, we will provide nourishing food, however, it may not be one of the items on the planned menu.

Q. What can a Junior/Senior High School student do if he/she has not had breakfast or brought lunch and has no money?

A. Students can call their parent/guardian early and have them contact the Child Nutrition office at extension 3104 or 4243 to request a one time charge allowance BEFORE 7:15 AM for breakfast and BEFORE 9:15 AM. for lunch.

Q. Why does it cost so much more for a la carte items and extra entrees than for a complete meal?

A. As participants in the USDA School Meals programs, we must adhere to federal guidelines and laws in order to receive reimbursements to supplement the cost of nutritious school meals. Only complete meals, as defined by USDA, are eligible for reimbursements. Reimbursements offset the cost of every student meal. Items not eligible for reimbursement must be priced equal to the cost of purchasing, storing, preparing, and serving.

School Meals are a not-for-profit business. We urge you to compare the cost of a school meal with any For-Profit business to see the great bargain you are getting!

Q. How can I find out more about guidelines affecting school meals?

A. Go to the web site for great information about the federal program, guidelines, laws, links for additional nutritional information, and resources of all kinds.

Q. Who should I contact if I have questions, concerns or suggestions about the Child Nutrition Program?

A. Amy Thompson, Cafeteria Manager at 518-882-1033, extension 4243.

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