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Join the fun of Girl Scouting by becoming a Girl Scout. Your daughter will have fun and enjoy activities with other girls of the same age while being guided by adult leaders.

In Girl Scouts, girls can....
  • Learn by doing.......
  • Make New Friends......
  • Explore the Arts......
  • Learn about nature......
  • Learn about yourself & the world you live in.....

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Girl Scout Recruitment

For questions or more information please contact: 

Nadine DesPres
Cell: 518-779-0044

Becky Haven

Highest Awards

Several Galway Girl Scouts have pursued their Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest level a Girl Scout can achieve and is on par with the Eagle Scout Award. Here are the latest Gold Award projects: 

2nd Grade Enrichment Program by Rachel Germain

Rachel Germain in Girl Scout vest with medi-copter

During my junior year at Galway High School, I created an after school enrichment program for 2nd graders for my Gold Award project. Click here to see the website I created so that other schools can see what I did for my program and implement it at their school.

I am going to be a teacher when I am older and this program was a fantastic experience to have and I loved every minute of it. The students were amazing and I really enjoyed all the planning and being able to host the program. Click here to see some pictures from our first year!

Galway Backpack Program by Madison DesPres
Madison DesPres

Hi my name is Madison DesPres. For my Gold Award project, I started a new program in my school called the Galway Backpack Program. This is a FREE program for students, k-12, who are in need of extra food on long weekends and vacations. Each backpack will include: canned tuna, mac-n-cheese bowls, beefaroni/ravioli, crackers, fruit snacks, fruit cups, applesauce, crackers, cereal, and more! 

This program is very much needed in our school, and many other schools have a program like this, so it was time to jump on board!

All the food items and the backpacks were donated from local clubs and organizations. If you would like to donate, food can be dropped off at either the Junior-Senior High School office or Joseph Henry Elementary School office. It will be greatly appreciated! 

No Phone Zone with Emma Jordan and Molly Oravsky
No Phone Zone Sledding  No Phone Zone Snowshoeing  No Phone Zone Can Jam Tournament

For our Girl Scout Silver Award project, we want to make a "No Phone Zone" so people can enjoy the real world. We have done lots of research into why people should be off their phones. For example, it is proven that phones can cause eye and brain cancer, and the average phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

We have held several events that encourage people to get off their phones, even if for just an hour or two. Examples of events we’ve held are sledding, snowshoeing on the Galway trails, and a can jam tournament. We are planning more, such as a pie eating contest and a beach volleyball tournament.

To further encourage people to stay off their phones, we are building a no phone bench at The Galway Public Library. We are planning to put a bench and a few bushes near it to draw attention to it and make it more appealing to the eye.

Follow us on Instagram @no_phone_zones

Sixth Grade Bronze Award

October 19, 2020 – Troop 2755 recently earned their Bronze award! The sixth graders learned about the Galway Backpack program and packed a week's worth of backpacks for their fellow students. They raised money for the Backpack Program by collecting bottles and cans and used the proceeds to purchase groceries to fill the backpacks. They also beautified the new community shed, which is intended as a resource for the Backpack Program.  

The Bronze Award is an opportunity for the girls to learn about themselves, work as a team, solve a community issue, and take action! Congratulations to the Troop and Leaders for earning their first level award! 

Girl Scout with backpack

Community Shed
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